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Payment of fees

Annie Dennis operates on a break even budget. The main source of income is your childcare fees. For this reason it is important that your fees are paid on time. Invoices are processed in arrears for the care used every fortnight on a Monday. They are emailed or pocketed by request. Please pay your invoice on receiving it. There are a number of payment methods. Our preferred method is for the automatic transfer of fees- arranged through your bank or internet banking- as this gives us certainty of payment. We understand, however, that this arrangement does not suit everyone. For this reason we also accept cheques or money orders. Cash payments for childcare/kinder fees will not be accepted by the office.


You may arrange with your bank for your fees to be automatically transferred from your account to Annie Dennis Children’s Centre’s account on a fortnightly basis. You will need to provide your bank with ADCC’s account details which can be obtained from the office.


You may transfer your fees directly from your account to ADCC’s account via internet banking. It is possible to set it up so your fees are transferred automatically each fortnight. You will need ADCC’s account details and please put your children’s name or your family name in the “description of transfer” field.


You may write a cheque out to Annie Dennis Children’s Centre Inc each fortnight. The cheque should be placed in the locked box mounted on the wall near the office. Please write your child’s name on the back.




Payments made by Direct Debit or Internet banking must be identified with your or your child’s name. Unidentified payments cannot be processed. If your payment for fees does not appear on your invoice it may not have been processed. Please check with the office.


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