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Integrated Kindergarten for 3 to 4 year olds (Grasshoppers program)

In kindergarten a child learns to be away from their parents, to engage with a large group of children, to be independent and to make choices. They learn to share and cooperate and to develop their skills and knowledge in preparation for their future learning journey. You might ask, ‘How does all this learning happen?’ It happens through their play and interactions with each other.

The integrated kindergarten program allows children to independently choose from play experiences within the indoor and outdoor settings. These experiences include painting, drawing, clay, play dough, threading, puzzles, water, sand and mud play. Children are free to explore the environment, to interact with their peers and construct knowledge through engaging with the experiences.

The play experiences offered are based on the children’s current interests and the teacher’s role is to engage with the children to help extend their ideas and build positive attitudes towards themselves, others and the environment. This is done through building positive relationships with each child, joining their play and supporting their ideas. The program is communicated to families through photos and stories thriough each child’s portfolio, which documents their learning process. Teachers also offer times to catch up with parents to discuss their child’s progress and opportunities are provided for families to contribute to the program and be part of their child’s kinder experience.