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Applying for a Place

The City of Darebin operates a Kindergarten and Childcare Registration System on our behalf to facilitate the placement of children at our centre. The Kindergarten and Childcare Registration System places children into childcare and in our integrated Kindergarten programs.

When to apply
Applications can be made in the year prior to kindergarten attendance, commencing from 1st February. 

Priority of Access guidelines apply.
Darebin supports the State Government policy directions which articulate that children with additional needs, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, children known to Child Protection and those eligible for fee subsidy, benefit most from being involved in early childhood programs. Families that demonstrate that they have a child in one of these categories will be allocated to a kindergarten program as a priority. Priority groups

  •   children with additional needs
  •   vulnerable Children and Families
  •   children requiring a second year of kindergarten, approved by the Department      of  Education and Early Childhood Development
  •   children with a deferred 4 year old place from the previous year

How to apply
Application forms are available from:

    1. Darebin Council
    2. Annie Dennis Children’s Centre (and other kindergartens and child care centres)
    3. Maternal and Child Health Centres
    4. City of Darebin Customer Service Centre