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Possums Educational Program

Early Childhood Educators: Sally, Nikki, Sarah and Helen

Number of children per day: 9 children

Number of educators: 3 Early Childhood Educators

Age range: 6 months to 14 months

At this stage of a child’s development, forming secure attachment relationships are    fundamental for learning and development. Our early childhood educators work together collaboratively to provide an environment which is safe, supportive and challenging – an environment in which the innate potential of each child is believed in and nurtured.

We aim to cater for the individual needs of the children by working with families to form a collaborative approach. Our comprehensive orientation program at the beginning of each year is a great opportunity for families, children and early childhood educators to get to know each other and start to develop an open and trusting relationship.

We believe that children are spontaneous and learn through flexible educational programs. An indoor/outdoor program is provided so that the children can explore between the two environments at their own leisure. Sensory play is a big interest, with children enjoying the opportunity to use all their senses to explore their environment. As well as sensory play, we also aim to provide an educational program that enhances all areas of their development.At this age of development children are becoming more and more independent ample time is provided to support, encourage, explore and practice self-help skills.

These experiences and milestones are captured in learning stories, anecdotal observations and digital photography, and put together to create your own child’s individual portfolio on StoryPark. Families are encouraged to share and contribute to their child’s eportfolio. It is also a great way to gain insight into what happens during your child’s time at Annie Dennis.

Using individual portfolios as a way of documenting your child’s learning helps us plan educational experiences that are focused on your child’s interests.