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Pandas Educational Program

Early Childhood Educators: Martina, Dolores, Mirella, Emily and Helen             

Number of children per day: 12 children

Number of educators per day: 3 Early Childhood    Educators

Age range of children: 2 years to 3 years

In the pandas educational program the educators provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences within permanent learning areas: language and literacy, dramatic / imaginative play, manipulative/ constructive play, science and the natural environment, music and movement / active play. Experiences evolve and change as part of an emergent curriculum.

The educational play experiences on offer – along with involvement in group activities such as collaborative  creative projects, cooking and story-telling – encourage the development of the children’s confidence and social skills. At this age children are beginning to develop their independence, whilst still needing support and guidance from adults as they attempt new tasks and develop new skills and knowledge.

The children are encouraged and supported to develop their independence by allowing them  time and opportunity to attempt, practice and acquire new skills and knowledge. Each day the educational program involves indoor and outdoor play in which children can choose to ply in two different environments.

The children’s leaning and development is recorded on an online learning and development platform called StoryPark. Families and educators are able to connect and engage through their child’s learning opportunities and experiences and the too can  contribute and share their home life.