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Joeys Educational Program

Early Childhood Educators: Rosheen, Bernadette, Lewis. Maria and Renee   

Number of children per day: 11 children

Number of educators per day: 3 Early Childhood  Educators

Age range: 15 months to 2 years

The children in our educational program are generally    aged between 15 months to 2 years. They are curious, active, involved and eager to engage and absorb every learning experience that the learning environment offers.

The educational learning experiences and opportunities that are provided to the children,   engage their energy and help their imaginations to flourish. At this age their social and language skills emerge rapidly as they absorb and mimic words and gestures through repetitive songs and stories.  Developmentally appropriate educational learning experiences are guided by the children’s interests and written observations and learning stories are recorded on StoryPark and online learning and development platform that families can access and contribute and share their home experiences with the educators.The ongoing connection between families and educators enables us to gain further insight into the children’s interests and individual learning so that it can be incorporated into the daily educational program.

Our day is flexible and exciting as the children guide the direction of what occurs. They are  so spontaneous and willing to explore their limits and independence, which in turn keeps us motivated and enthusiastic to extend the children’s learning. This makes for a very busy day. The children’s self-help skills emerge rapidly at this age and ample time is given for the children to practice and become more confident in their emerging skills.

Drawing, painting, gardening, music and movement, water, clay and sand give the children time to explore their senses. Reading books and singing songs are an opportunity for us to have one-on-one time with the children, further creating a sense of connection between educator and child.