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About Us

Annie Dennis Children’s Centre is a not for profit community-based early childhood education and care service located in the heart of Northcote. We provide education and care for children aged 6 months to school age, including integrated kindergarten. We pride ourselves on our strong commitment to quality early childhood education and care.

The historic buildings are surrounded by large play spaces for all children to explore and engage within a natural environment. In the centre of our inclusive kindergarten playground stands a magnificent Moreton Bay fig tree, its large branches spanning across the yard providing shade and many play opportunities for the children.

The service is governed by a Committee of Management and the daily operation of the service is managed by the Director. Our skilled educators are supported to provide a highly-regarded standard of education and care for all children through play-based educational programs.

Our resident guinea pigs and rabbit are part of our educational  programs and can be taken home for weekends, a wonderful opportunity that enables children to learn how to care for animals.

Annie Dennis actively encourages families to be a part of the Annie Dennis community through attending social events such as the annual ‘welcome’ night  and end of year celebration, working bees and more.

We invite you to explore this website to find out more about our community.